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Survival of Kimono: Japanese dyeing designs get kiss of life in Germany, Britain (posted on Facebbok by ICCROM, April 2015)…

The colours of the Romanesque. Painting a thousand years ago [Els colors del Romànic. Pintar fa mil anys] (Museu Episcopal de Vic, 2014)

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What the Lascaux Caves Facsimiles Fail to Capture…

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"The Imagination is the power of the mind over the possibility ofthings…men feel that the imagination is the next greatest power tofaith…"
Wallace Stevens, The Necessary Angel

"The plurality of terms for the imagination…have at least one basic trait in common: they all refer, in their diverse ways, to the huma npower to convert absence into presence, actuality into possibility, what- is into something –other-than-it-is."
Richard Kearney, Poetics of Imaging

"La abyecta costumbre de utilizar la moral para querer tener razón." Max Weber


Art as relief in Nepal (2015)…

Artists Around the World Illustrate Why That Syrian Toddler’s Death Matters (2015)…

:heart: Neuroaesthetics…

Intangible heritage…

Thank you!

My deepest thank you to all those people who spend their time making wonderful tutorials Emoticon: Bow 
Namely, the ones I am using:

:iconastrikos:'s tutorial about

:iconclefairykid:'s guide to customize box background

And credits regarding custom boxes background:……



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But I can figure it out. I figured how to crack stones, and dance leaves, and make waves in my bath. I unpicked a Doranen lock and I collapsed waterspouts in Westwailing Harbour. I did all of that. I can bloody do this.
But before he could defeat the pain, he had to accept it. That was the hardest part - letting the pain take him and shake him like a rat-dog with a rat. Surrendering, he sank himself beneath the surface of raw magic...

By Karen Miller

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You can write for them!

Thu Sep 17, 2015, 12:51 AM

A few weeks ago projecteducate launched a call for collaborations for their thematic weeks.

Their work as a group is an amazing one, creating a space where the community can share their knowledge and know-how, so we all can improve or maybe "just" enjoy a reading.

Thematic weeks include traditional techniques, professional ideas, art history and many more. Topics also change with time, and you can always suggest a theme for a week series.

These are some of my recent favourite articles:

PE: Art as a key element in EducationCommunity Week
Education is a process that spans a person's entire life, broadcasting a wide range of knowledge, values (which allow us to develop our conscience and sensibility), customs, and ways to act. This is also linked to cultural conscience (education leads us to appreciate the culture of the society in which we live) and to the view that each person has about the world around them. It also has a social approach as it allows people be part of the socialization process. It generally has a humanistic approach that trains students to be good people, to have good values and implement them, which are expressed according to the person's potential. Educated persons can contribute significantly to the world.
Art and Education
Artistic Education is an area that focuses on teaching various art forms (Visual arts, Music, Theater, Dance, Photography, etc.) and also helps develop skills, abilities and habits in such areas. However, the art
Photojournalism Authenticity Photojournalism
Photojournalism has many sides to it the thing that seperates it out from other photographic areas is that it relies on both the photographer and the reporting to often ensure that something is factual, accurate and portrayed in the best possible way. One of the biggest problems, especially when we are surrounded by modern technology, editing programs and more is that it can often be diffcult to tell whether an image is authentic or not. There are some useful things available whether you are a journalist looking to certify an image's credibility or whether you are simply on DeviantArt wishing to suggest a Photojournalism piece for a Daily Deviation. Sometimes it's interesting to carry out that little bit of detective work!

On DeviantArt there have been some amazing journalistic pieces over the years and it has always been important to ensure that the person sharing the photography is the original shooter. There are quite a few tools out the
DA Tips for the Crafty ProfessionalArt in the Professions
DeviantArt is a community full of artists of every sort. Though digital and traditional art may be the most frequent things to pop up as you browse, crafty creatives have also carved a niche here to connect with other crafters, improve their skills, and drive personal business. In a time where social networking can make or break a small business venture, DA is an awesome place to start establishing yourself as a crafting professional while still enjoying the site like you usually would!
This article will go over some helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of DA as a professional crafter. Whether you've already been crafting professionally for years and just now getting a DA to help promote yourself, or you're a hobbyist crafter looking to turn your passion into a profession, hopefully this article can give you some insight and get you going on the right track!
Tip #1: Optimize Your Profile & Deviations
Any professional artist here o
7 Steps to become a professional artistArt in the Professions
Hello everyone!
My name is Francesca Urbinati, nime080 on DeviantArt. I'm a professional artist and a freelancer on comics, illustrations and visual design.
Here are some tips from my experience about jumping from amateur to professional.
1. Make it happen
Nothing will come your way if you don't set the ground for it. In other words "don't wait for success to knock your door, smash his own door and get in (cit.)".
Don't waste time, keep on studying every single day and stay committed.

The 8th book of my comic series Niki BatspriteJust a few years ago, this project existed in my head only. Now it's real.
2. Focus
Set your long term goals: companies you'd like to work for, a self-project you want to release, a specified job you would do everyday (p.e. book covers, drawing comics, animate, concept designs, etc).
Split this main go
To See the World in a Grain of Sand: MicroscopyArt in the Professions
Introduction: What is Microscopy?
No matter if you are an artist or a scientist, we cannot help but to be fascinated by the world around us. Nature is a perpetual source of inspiration for humans as we learn to live with it and live as a part of it. And since a picture speaks a thousand words, both artists and scientists have worked hard to capture the profound beauty found in our everyday lives. The field of microscopy started from these simple principles and are applied to looking at things that are very, very small.
The world we live in is made of some really small things, indeed. And ever since the beginning of scientific discovery, humans have tried to get a glimpse of these building blocks of life. However, our search into the very small could not properly take place until the physics of optics and the skills of lens-grinding were understood and perfected by scientists. But since Galileo cobbled together his "Occhiolino" in 1625, the
A Walkthrough in Monochrome Paintings 
Traditional Art Week
DISCLAIMER: The following article is a discussion on the characteristics of monochrome paintings. While discussing, I will go through a procedure of a monochrome painting. So you are free to take tips, tricks and ideas from the procedure if you like, but the article will not be considered as a tutorial or a teaching material.
Monochrome paintings are considered to be the avant-grade paintings. It is indeed hard- to establish all the values with a single colour. But moreover, what makes it so special? What makes it top class ? 
Because working with monochrome is playing and experimenting with the lights and values -  that takes artistic courage. Almost all the artists have few monochrome paintings in their life. These are like the stages or better said evidences of their artistic maturation - far away from the overwhelming colours, seeing the truest form!
        In my personal opinion, black and wh
Creating a Tiny worldMacro Photography

Many of you may know Rick-TinyWorlds - he has a gallery full of fairytales and magical things. His Photography goes beyond the boundaries of everyday photographs and he even shares with us exactly how he achieves his results.
According to Rick, creating a tiny world is very easy. Here's how you can do it...
"Much like on a big scale a mini water cycle establishes. Water from the dirt vaporizes due sunlight and condensates on the cold glass, coming back down as droplets.
The reason why you don't need to add fresh air is because the plants convert O2 to CO2 during the night. Now when it's daytime again the plant has new CO2 for their photosynthesis. The only thing they need from outside is a bit of sunlight.
Avoid too much sunlight, though - it will cook the plants! Instead place it in a shady spot.
Add very few water in the jar before you close it - I lost some terrariums to mold and moist.
My oldested terrarium so far is now
  The Videogame Industry - an interviewArt in the Professions
Hi from TheMaidenInBlack! This article will focus on the graphic part of videogames, since I'm lucky enough to have my own brother working in the industry - I'm totally exploiting him for our interview. :giggle: being a 3D artist means doing everything from characters (his favourite part!) to environment, which is from actual level development to teeny tiny objects. It's a really exciting, beautiful job and Marco's passion for it made me understand and learn a lot!
I'm using his DA handle for the blog, but he never kept up with his account so I apologise! He has a website, though. 

Prettiness is a family trait.
Tell our readers a bit about yourself!
My name is Marco Puricelli, I'm a 26-year-old 3D Artist. I have 3+ years of working experience in the videogames industry and I'm currently working at

So, here is their current schedule:

Project Educate - Dates and Information!Calendar and Info!
projecteducate was founded seven years ago by Moonbeam13 and since then has been a project run by the Community Volunteer team. The group is aimed at providing educational information for artists who want to learn about all sorts of art genres or who want to contribute their own knowledge for others to read about.
Weeks are usually allocated in seven day blocks unless there is a lot to cover and for general weeks a Community Volunteer will take the lead and bring you seven days of awesome in the form of articles, features, chat events, interviews and maybe even a contest or two. The volunteer will share their knowledge about the gallery that they oversee on DeviantArt or if they are a Chat & Forums volunteer they will give you insight into how things work over there. But now we have more and more involvement from the Community and we have themed weeks, which give anyone the chance to participate!
To participate in any of the below Themed Weeks or any of

You only need to contact the person in charge of each week to get started: tell them your idea, polish it and agree a schedule. A full draft article is required a few days in advance the publication date to ensure everything will run smoothly.

Everybody has something to share!


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