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Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.

Terry Pratchett


Videogames as an art form

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 9:03 AM

Or as a sum of many artistic disciplines, with a special emphasis on the personal experience of the player.

For some years I have had an interest in this topic. Back in the day, I could only find a book or two published on the matter, and recently the idea of starting a blog about how art is embeded in videogames came to mind again. Yet, a quick research made me realised that it is a topic that is already been addressed by people far more qualified for this matter.

So this journal entry is going to be a collection of sources of information for my own interest, which maybe somebody else will find helpful.

To start with, Wikipedia has a comprehensive entry about Videogames as an art form.

I find this brief documentary by PBS specially interesting since it specifically refers to the impact of 8-bit in today's design.

Yet graphics, or visual forms of art, are not the only artistic form that shapes a videogame. This Mooc teaches the importance of narrative.

The fact that major museums include videogames in their activities may be, from certain points of view, a validation of the "elevation" of videogames to the status of "art".
In 2012 The Smithsonian held a temporary exhibition focused solely on videogames. And here a word from the curator, Chris Melissinos.
Notably in late 2014, Moma announced the acquisition of some cult videogames and the opening of a specific section for them within their design collection. They actually list the professionals involved in the list-making process (not only art historians or game developers), as well the central features for this same selection (behaviour, aesthetics, space and time).

Please consider these two as examples, not the fruit of a extensive research about videogame museum exhibitions (they may be earlier or more prominent examples that escape my knowledge).

While these are well-known solid institutions, I find specially interesting this group from Italy: Neoludica

Regarding the media, it seems that videogames belonging or not to the art sphere is not a closed thread. See an example here. And note the text mentiones the game "The Dragon, Cancer" developed by the parents of a young child diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Developing the game has become a form of coping with the situation for them, at the same time that they want to help a broader audience to better understand the situation.

And books. I almost forgot about them:

Gamescenes: art in the videogames, Matteo Bittanti, Domenico Quaranta et al (2006)
Videogames and art
, by Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell (2007)
Gameworld: art in the age of videogames, Ken Jordan and Carl Goodman (2007)
The art of the video game, Josh Jenisch (2008)
The art of video games from Pac-Man to Mass Effect, Chris Melissinos, Patrick O'Rourke, Mike Mika, Elizabeth Broun (2012)
Drawing basics and video game art: classic to cutting-edge art techniques for winning video game design, Chris Solarski (2012)
How to become a video game artist: the insider's guide to Landing a job in the gaming world, Sam R. Kennedy (2013)
Game art: art from 40 video games and interviews with their creators, Matt Sainsbury (2015)
Big Bad World of Concept Art for Video Games: An Insider's Guide for Students, Eliott J. Lilly (2015)




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