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Thank you!

My deepest thank you to all those people who spend their time making wonderful tutorials Emoticon: Bow 
Namely, the ones I am using:

:iconastrikos:'s tutorial about

:iconclefairykid:'s guide to customize box background

Storage box

"The Imagination is the power of the mind over the possibility ofthings…men feel that the imagination is the next greatest power tofaith…"
Wallace Stevens, The Necessary Angel

"The plurality of terms for the imagination…have at least one basic trait in common: they all refer, in their diverse ways, to the huma npower to convert absence into presence, actuality into possibility, what- is into something –other-than-it-is."
Richard Kearney, Poetics of Imaging

Deviantart in the world

Survival of Kimono: Japanese dyeing designs get kiss of life in Germany, Britain (posted on Facebbok by ICCROM, April 2015)…

The colours of the Romanesque. Painting a thousand years ago [Els colors del Romànic. Pintar fa mil anys] (Museu Episcopal de Vic, 2014)

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But I can figure it out. I figured how to crack stones, and dance leaves, and make waves in my bath. I unpicked a Doranen lock and I collapsed waterspouts in Westwailing Harbour. I did all of that. I can bloody do this.
But before he could defeat the pain, he had to accept it. That was the hardest part - letting the pain take him and shake him like a rat-dog with a rat. Surrendering, he sank himself beneath the surface of raw magic...

By Karen Miller

Sant Daniel (5) by Beltaneh


The short life of clothes

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 10:51 AM

This morning news about  YWaste? reached my inbox
The exhibit is the brainchild of Redress, a Hong Kong–based nonprofit that works to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. The organization teamed up with students from a local university to construct the massive sculpture. The YWaste? letters are stuffed with nearly 800 pounds of trashed shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses—the same amount that’s dumped into landfills in Hong Kong every two minutes.

y-waste-MAIN (c) Redress Asia by Beltaneh
Image  belongs to Redress Asia

This is not the first attempt to raise awareness on this subject, and sadly will not probably be the last one since we keep producing an immense amount of trash every minute all around the globe. 

If you are interested, please read the complete article here: Take Part: "See How Much Sweatshop-Made Clothing Gets Trashed Every Two Minutes

Maybe because clothes are so cheap, we throw them away more easily when we got tired of them. Would somebody throw away granny's scarf?
And probably cheap materials and quick techniques cause stuff to be less durable as well.
Or maybe it is just that we have became too frivolous about it, and just get rid of anything we do not fancy anymore.

Knitting Project by laurette55

Some years ago I met somebody who rescued old cd or dvd players from the trash. The device was still working, or just needed very simple fixing. He took them home and gave them a complete new look, crafting wood cases for them. There were a relatively large number of people willing to buy these "new" players, even myself, but he always refused on the ground that it would only feed consumerism.
At least, it is quite an interesting view.

Anything one as an individual may do seems pointless. But in the end the sum of what each of us is doing is what makes these global trends and its consequences, be them positive or negative. But I believe  artists may have a major role in recycling, upcycling or repurposing things - not only crafters, but also illustrators, writers and even performers of any kind.

If you are willing to give your clothes a second chance, here is a list of some examples and tutorials on how to upcycle them and/or take better care of them:

Patch Arm Warmer Tutorial by pookat  Recycled Half Apron Tutorial by NotaSouthernGirl DIY: Make a Pirate Shirt from an Old T-shirt by Pending-Destruction
Turquoise Striped Monster Hat by Tzigana    Ivory and Gold Regal Coat by Tzigana Men's Button Up Upcycle by SouredLullaby
Converse Glove by pinkbutterflyofdeath   the caterpillar 7 by smarmy-clothes Spots 50s inspired apron by NotaSouthernGirl

How to Care for Your KimonoGuide by Carolyn Langreder/Rena Innocenti, 2011
If you don't understand anything that I have written below, don't hesitate to ask.
I will add all Q&As inn the artist comments.
This is a written guide.
If you require photographs, I will provide them, unless I am unable to. (Like for how to wash the Kimono)
This guide will not explain how to put one on.
Order of information in this guide:
- Working with Silk
- Working with Wool
- Working with Cotton
- Washing your Kimono
- Storing your Kimono
Working with Silk
I know that silk can be one of the biggest pains in the butt to work with.
If your Kimono is wrinkled and made out of silk, this should help you.
A. Ironing - Your iron should have a steam setting, if not, you'll just need to be even more patient.
-1. Set aside at least 30 minutes of your time for this, it requires a lot of patience.
-2. Make sure your iron is at the Silk/Rayon setting or equivalent, and make sure your steam is working. DO NOT USE A SP

And one more from outside the community: how to obtain thread (for XXL crochet) out of an old t-shirt. This one is not in English, but hopefully the images will be self-explanatory.

And also, when you just get tired from these old clothes, please consider donating them. Usually there is always some charity willing to collect clothes, sometimes to directly donate them to people in need, sometimes your old (but good) clothes are sold as to raise funding for other actions.
But charity is not your only option. I usually receive rather new clothes from other people, who do not like them anymore or do not fit them for whatever reason. And I try to do the same with mine. When they are too old to be used by anybody - even if you are donating to charity, mindo somebody is meant to wear these clothes... - most of the time they make nice beds for my pets or kitchen rags :giggle:


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